Burning Man LED Coat - Orange Liger Faux fur LED Light Up Coat for Burning Man...and more! Hand made in Placitas, New Mexico and fit for a King or Queen! One size fits most. Super soft patterned 3/4" pile faux fur base with a 3" pile Orange faux fur Mane (hood and shoulders). For closure is a loop and toggle. Flames fleece interior. BACKPACK incorporated so you can wear it as a backpack until you need your coat. Mainly the Mane lights up with 80 White LEDs sewn in between the fur and the interior, powered by 6 AA batteries. Every seam is sewn twice with gutterman thread. With 2 side seam pockets outside and 2 on the inside. One zipper pocket and a hidden pocket. 4 pockets in total. READY TO SHIP! Check out my website for references www.lightupcoats.com and see King's of the world wearing their Light Up Coats. Burning Man Coat. I make custom performance pieces and festival wear. If you can think it up I can make it!!! I have over 150 types of faux fur and over 300 types of interiors to choose from in my studio. Thanks for the interest King Check out "Burning Man the documentary" RT on youtube. The King was featured in it. And see the studio tour on the website.... INTERNATIONAL shipping rates very but will not exceed the quoted price and over charges on shipping will be refunded.

Tiger fur light up coat - Burning Man LED Coat - - Backpack Option

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       Handmade in Placitas, New Mexico, U.S.A.