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Light up faux fur coat! FreeRolando Robots vs. dinosaurs... "Spawn of the Titans" series - Light Up Coats meets #FreeRolando. Light Up Coats is so very happy to announce our exclusive collaboration with San Jose artist freeRolando! This light up fur coat is one of what we hope will be many beautiful creations combining the artistry of freeRolando and the tailoring of Smallfry and the King. Many of you burners know freeRolando as the artist behind the amazing projections at the Camp Question Mark sound stage at Burning Man...others may know him from the many murals he has created throughout the San Francisco bay area. This extremely limited edition coat features White 4 inch pile faux fur. Light up coat for burning man. FreeRolando art interior is a super soft minky fabric with 'Bass Face' print. What is Bass Face you ask? FreeRolando artwork depicti