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Burning Man coat - King's Light Up Coat... Very Limited Edition...Only enough fabric remaining for 2-3 coats. Hand made in New Mexico and fit for a King or Queen! Reversible Faux fur coat. Your choice of faux furs...high quality 2" pile blue tipped white candy faux fur or high quality super long pile white faux fur with an Elevated Psychedelic cotton print interior which has bright mandalas, marijuana leaves and skulls. In the blue faux fur coat 160 blue LEDs are hand sewn in between the interior and the fur. In the long pile white faux fur coat 200 RGB LED's are hand sewn between the lining and the fur.  This reversible Light Up Coat has 4 side seam pockets - two inside and two outside. This LED Coat has a zipper for closure in the blue coat and loop and toggle closure for the white fur coat.  Every seam is sewn twice for added durability. 

Ready to ship in white fur size unisex medium

Custom order in your size...please allow 2-3 weeks production time...this is the VERY LAST of this amazing interior! !!

Check out the extras page for reviews and to see the famous furries of the world wearing their Light Up Coats.   I make custom festival wear;  If you can think it up I can make it!!!

We have over 200 types of faux fur and over 300 types of interiors to choose from in the contact me if you are interested in something custom. 

Light Up Coats happily ships outside the United States... but do be aware that customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.


This coat is guaranteed!  If the coat needs to be fixed or the LEDS stop working within one year we will fix it or replace lights for no charge.  After one year there will be a minimal fee for time and materials.


LED Faux Fur Light Up Coat Mandalas Skulls and Marijuana Blue or White Fur

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,125.00Sale Price

Early Burner Bonus

  • Care and cleaning:

    Dry clean only

    Faux fur items can be surface spot cleaned using a damp cloth or dry cleaned using a cleaner that has a faux fur process. Confirm your cleaner has a faux fur process or they may melt your fur!


    Post Playa-

    Shake well to remove dust

    Spot clean with clean cloth and water

    Remove all batteries for storage


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