Light up LED faux fur Burning Man coat! NEW 2022 "Spawn of the Titans" series - Light Up Coats meets #FreeRolando. Light Up Coats is so very happy to announce our exclusive collaboration with San Jose artist freeRolando! This light up furry coat is one of what has become many beautiful creations combining the artistry of freeRolando and the tailoring of Smallfry and the King. Many of you burners know freeRolando as the artist behind the amazing projections at the Camp Question Mark sound stage at Burning Man...others may know him from the many murals he has created throughout the San Francisco bay area.
This is a 1 inch pile faux fur coat with 160 white LED's hand sewn in between the fur and the lining.  The interior of this faux fur LED coat is a beautiful custom made cotton fabric with FreeRolando art print.

 This LED light up coat is reversible so that the fur or the amazing interior can be worn on the outside. Two side seam pockets in both fur and interior.  LED lights are hand sewn between the fur and the lining...powered by AA batteries and the battery packs sit in the inside pockets of the jacket.

This a very limited edition!!! Photographed and ready to ship in unisex size medium (40 chest).  Stay tuned for photos of this coat with the lights. installed!


Contact me if you are interested in a different size of this amazing FreeRolandoArt light up faux fur coat and I will make one for you!  This is a wearable piece of art that 2 artists have created and by buying it you are helping 2 artists to continue to make art...this is your chance to support the ar