Faux fur light up coat - King's Light Up Coat. Fabulous white faux fur coat with lights and a black and white skull infinity print interior. Limited Edition. Hand made in New Mexico...fit for a King or Queen! One size fits most. Medium . Reversible faux fur light up jacket with hood. This furry light up coat is made from high quality 4" pile faux fur and has a skull print (Skullfinity) cotton interior. 80 white LEDs are sewn in between the interior and the fur. Truly reversible Light Up Coat has 4 side seam pockets - two inside and two outside. This Light Up Coat with black and white skull print interior has loops and toggles for closure. Every seam is sewn twice with gutterman thread. 'One size fits most' - Unisex size medium (men's jacket size 40) King stands beside the coats that he makes! If for some reason the coat comes apart or needs to be fixed in any way there is no charge. If the LEDS stop working within one year, no charge to fix or replace. After one year there will be a minimal fee for time and materials. These faux fur light up coats are made to last and to withstand the extremes of life on the playa!

Faux Fur Light Up Coat Skullfinity Interior -Reversible - Spiral skull Print

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       Handmade in Placitas, New Mexico, U.S.A.