Furry LED robot jacket! #burningmanLEDcoat Faux fur light up coat...King's Light Up Coat.... All Sizes. Robots Arise! Hand made in New Mexico and fit for a King or Queen - reversible Faux fur coat. High Quality 2.5" pile white faux fur -cotton interior with amazing Robot metropolis print. This reversible Light Up Coat has 4 side seam pockets - two inside and two outside. This Light Up Coat has a zipper for closure. Every seam is sewn twice with Gutterman thread. Choose coat size, number of lights, and color of robot print interior in the drop down option menu. (Light Up Coats recommends 160 lights for size large and extra large) 80 lights - Hand sewn lights between fur and lining on front and back of coat 160 lights - Hand sewn lights between fur and lining on front, back, arms and hood of coat (Pictured in size large with 160 lights) Color of lights will coordinate with interior robot print color choice. Contact me if you would like a particular color of lights! Unisex size Extra Small Unisex size small Unisex size Medium Unisex size Large Unisex size Extra Large Alterations no charge. Interior robot print available in Blue, Red, and Plum Sepia Light up faux fur coat perfect for cold nights at Burning Man! See...and be seen! Check out my website for references www.lightupcoats.com and see the many Kings of the world wearing their Light Up Coats. Check out the documentary on youtube (Burning Man The Documenary RT) it explains a lot. I make custom festival wear. If you can think it up I can make it!!! I have over 200 types of faux fur and over 300 types of interiors to choose from in my studio. Thanks for the interest King Great for Burning Man! Light Up Coats will happily ship outside the United States... contact me for international shipping cost! #burningmanLEDcoat http://youtu.be/D5wntb4FAPo

Faux Fur Light Up Coat - Robots Arise

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       Handmade in Placitas, New Mexico, U.S.A.