This season's must have accessory?  

Unusual face mask, dust mask cover, or filter holder....Great for the dust at Burning Man or for today's need to cover your face! These masks are handmade from 100 percent cotton and feature designs from the out of print fabric 'Elevated'.  Choose from mandala design, skull design, cannabis leaf design, or a random design from this fabric all in bright multi color print.  I have been planning to make these for the playa for a long time but was prodded out of my procrastination due to requests from friends in NYC...they wanted them now!  There is some controversy about whether this sort of mask is helpful to combat the virus currently keeping us in lockdown...but these are definitely up to par with what's now being recommended by the CDC and many doctors.

These face masks are made from two layers of cotton and have an opening in the back to insert an optional non woven piece of material to use as a filter (suggestions I have read are dried out wet wipes, coffee filters, paper towels, swifter sheets, and non-woven interfacing). Adjustable elastic ties loop around ears.  According to what I've read filters should be single use and masks should be washed in hot water after one or two uses. Again, I have read a lot of conflicting information so please do your research.

Face Mask Dust Mask - Cannabis Skull Mandala Face Mask

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